About Common Grounds

“We’re for common language, not scientific jargon. We’re for simple recipes, not complicated formulas. We’re for plant-based ingredients, not chemical additives. We think effective doesn’t have to mean expensive.”

We started with a coffee roasting factory in Australia, a bunch of leftover coffee beans, and an idea to do something cool with it. We spent time learning about coffee scrub, the different ingredients that can be used, and what they do for your skin.

We learned that the confusing additives in skin care products are commonly found in plant-based ingredients. We started experimenting with the leftover coffee, and different oils and grounds. We did a lot of weighing, mixing, showering and scrubbing. We loved that we could repurpose leftover beans from the roastery into a great skin care product. We loved the texts from friends saying ‘my skin feels amazing!’ after they used it for the first time.

Then, life lead one of our founders from Australia to New York. Initially, we gave some bags of coffee scrub to people as gifts from home. Well, those people thought they were pretty amazing too… so we partnered up with a Brooklyn based roaster and here we are.

“Our products are simple blends of plant-based ingredients, tested on real people in real showers. They are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free. All of our scrubs contain a portion of sustainably sourced coffee beans that would otherwise be wasted by roasteries.” Wayne & James.